aftercare program

Aftercare Program for your Child After Drug Rehab

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Drug rehab if it is completed genuinely with a desire to stop using drugs or alcohol. It is often what happens after that doesn’t work; the return home. Many blame drug rehabs saying they don’t work or that they are a scam. The reality is that drug rehabs do their job and deliver your son or daughter clean and sober …

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From Big Brother to Prison: Adam Jasinski’s Remarkable Recovery

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Written by Brian Whitney | Published 07/17/17 Adam Jasinski has always had a larger than life personality. He is a charmer, a hustler and a hard worker. He used his many skills to walk away as the winner of Big Brother 9, the immensely popular CBS reality show that features contestants who live in the same Los Angeles house, all living …

setting up an intervention

Setting Up An Intervention

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Now that you know your kid’s on drugs, you need to take the next step in setting up an intervention. At this point in time—after testing your child for drugs, getting your insurance in order, and finding a treatment center you’re happy with—you need to effectively convince your loved one to go to actual drug treatment. It’s never easy; in …

choosing a drug treatment center

Choosing a Drug Treatment Center

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You know your child is past recreational use. Their drug habit is serious. Life is becoming unmanageable not only for them, but now for you, too. Please, follow my advice and have them tested so you know for sure just how serious the use has become. Once you’ve ordered an exact drug test, figured out that your child is on …

substance abuse insurance coverage

Substance Abuse Insurance Coverage

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Your insurance selection process should involve making sure you have the proper coverage for both your entire family and specifically for those under your care who are actively using. The cost of a good treatment center can run upwards of $30,000 a month. Not having insurance while your kid’s actively using will eventually lead to unneeded medical bills, which can …

Powerlessness and Addiction

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Dealing with addiction—no matter if you’ve just spotted the first signs for concern or know without a doubt that you or a loved one has a full-blown, out-of-control habit—starts by taking the proper first steps. I, myself, took the long road to sobriety. At first, I was not sure if it was even for me. To be honest, I thought …

Drug Testing Your Child

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When the time comes that you are actually looking for information on drug testing, it must mean you have unanswered questions. Is my loved one using drugs? What is my child using? How much are they using? You deserve the answers. Exact Drug Test is at your disposal to provide the tools, knowledge, and education to not only take this …

Is My Child on Drugs?

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That is the million dollar question: Is my child on drugs? Whether you have a fleeting idea that your child is trying drugs or you found needles in their nightstand, it’s always a question of certainty. Is my child using drugs? As a parent, it is easy to be in denial. It is easy to believe your son’s or daughter’s …